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A major exhibition of the international archeological sensation. The spectacular reconstruction of the pharaoh's tomb and his treasures.

His gold mask is one of the best-know images on the planet, deeply embedded in the collective consciousness of billions of people. His mysterious death, his legendary treasures and the famous curse of the pharaohs spark our imangination.
The Tutankhamun exhibition breaks new ground in presentation of cultural history in general, and ancient Egypt in particular. With more than 1000 objects - perfect replicas produced under schientific supervision - TUTANKHAMUN is more complete than any previous exhibition of originals.


Amsterdam City tour by bus

Discover the old and new Amsterdam
This city tour takes you past the high points of Amsterdam. There are almost 7,000 monument buildings in Amsterdam! Our guide will point out the most interesting monuments. You will drive in a luxury touring car through the rich history and culture of this city. A visit to a diamond factory is also on the programme. Here diamonds are still polished in the traditional way.

-the Amsterdam canals
-the monument on the Dam
-the Albert Cuyp market
-a windmill on the Amstel
-a visit to a diamond factory

Step in and discover Amsterdam