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We were on a Bruges tour on April 22nd. 2015.  We had excellent time spending on our own in Bruges. Bruges is a picturesque and historic city to see it.  However our tour guide was so lousy that annoyed us dearly.  He had no clue of direction other than a market square.  Everyone from our group left him and went on our own to see city.  I don’t know his name but he is a tall man in 60s looks confused so please avoid him if you decide to take Bruges tour. 

21/04/2015LIMIt was such a horrible experience for me. The lady in front of me fully reclined her seat throughout my 6 hours journey in the bus. The people around me was horrified at her attitude. I asked her to be considerate but she ignored. Then the people around me suggested to me to speak to the tour guide by the name of FANNY . I was totally disgusted with FANNY attitude and lack of professionalism in handling the situation. Instead of helping me to tell her not to recline her seat completely , she in fact told me that she could not help me at all cos the lady spoke to her in spanish that she just had a back operation. My question to her that if she really had a back operation she would not be able to endure the 6 hours journey up and down from Amsterdam and Bruges and then spent 5 hours walking round the Bruges town without any diificulty. It was so obvious that she was pulling a fast one. Also if there are rules and regulations like not to eat and drink in the bus , cellphone should be in silient mode for the comfort of the passengers , then that should be a rule also to tell the clients not to recline the seat completely for the comfort of other passengers. I am also paying the same fare as what she was paying and why must I be spared from my comfort. Moreover the guide should have handle the case professionally by politely explaining to her instead of telling me that she could do nothing . The guide should have ask her to move to the back . It was obvious that the guide was not helpig me cos I was not from an European country. 1
29/01/2015James pollockAmazing day out to Bruges! Thanks so much. Very informative tour guide. Also very helpful when I left my tablet on the bus, posting it for me back to Northern Ireland. 10