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15/05/2017Diane FAlthough the sites were beautiful, the whole tour is very rushed. Too many people to manage and tour guide didn't keep group together. No voice boxes on this trip. Left people behind so make sure you keep eyes on guide. 1
Worst day ever of my life. Today we had a trip to Volendam and Edgar the tour guide recommended us a fish restaurant. We went in and the waitress assigned us a table where there was a umbrella. I asked the waitress whether the table was occupied and she said NO. So I and my wife sat as requested. Then a drunk guy came after 2 minutes and started saying how can we sit and as he was sitting. My wife said politely that the waitress has told us to sit hear. This guy started to shout so we got up but said not our fault. Yet this guy started saying how can we say like this and started to raise his voice and because of this I raised my voice as well.
The comes Edgar and catches my and the guys coat and says stop raising our voices and this is his country and if we want to raise our voices we should get out of his country and this restaurant.
After this I never said anything and quietly settled down on another table.
I cannot understand how Edgar can speak just words when he never knew the background. He insulted me in front of the full restaurant without knowing facts. Later he comes to my table and says whether everything is alright. I said again this is not my fault and told him what happened.
After we got down at Amsterdam my wife asked him where do we stand for the next trip and he behaved as him he never heard her. Then she asked the driver and he helped us with the next trip.
I cannot believe I and my wife were treated so badly by Edgar the great.  
10/10/2016Cynthia A EngelMy friend and I took this tour on our second day in Amsterdam. The tour was supposed to be about 2 1/2 hours. Our tour guide Andy guided us through the the streets and alley's of Amsterdam. He talked about the sites and history like it was fresh though clearly seasoned. We touched on the canals, the gables, red light district, cheese and finally herring! He had insightful anecdotes, humor and the infamous Dutch practicality. The tour ended in 31/2 hours! Great fun! Thank you! 9
15/08/2016UJJWAL A MEHTAGood experience with knowledgeable guide Stephano who has a lovely sense of humour. The tour could be more comfortable if the bus has a WC. Toilets are a rarity in the places visited. 0
15/08/2016UJJWAL A MEHTAWe did not enjoy the tour at all. Antwerp halt is only at Diamond factory which is a marketing gimmick to sell diamonds and jewellery. No time provided to explore the city. Brussels too is just being shown sights through the bus windows and most of which you miss because they are on other side of bus. The commentary in three languages is not synnchronised with the actual monument. The last part is a small walk to market square and hardly any sightseeing time except the surrounds of the market. Absolute waste of 11 hours, quite frankly. 0
Fantastic Tour towards Countryside.
Thorough enjoyment with Energetic team formed by Tour Guide Edgaar, Evin and our Bus commander/driver. From the time we started, the energy show cased by the team was remarkable. Attention towards all people on board was effective. They were very humorous, informative and had been real entertainers through out the time. KUDDOS. KUDDOS.
06/09/2015Karen WilliamsFantastic tour, even if it rained nearly the whole time. Steve's knowledge was extensive and he made sure he included everyone. Worth the money and would recommend to anyone. 10
26/08/2015Yemi OlowokereThis tour was a real insult to me as an individual that loves to travel. Basically it was just the transportation to the cities. The tour guide was horrible!!!!! Walking tour was a JOKE! Didn't example a damn thing as we was walking, only to stop at the diamond store for us to purchase diamonds. 9000 euro Diamonds at the least, on vacation? Didn't explan the surrounding areas/buildings. Unbelievable! In Brussels, visited 2 places, 2 places! No recommendations for a thing. We could have done the tour on our own. Out of all my travels to different countries: Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Africa, London, New York, Andorra, Dominican Republic, Turks and Cacos, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, St.Thomas, St. Lucas and many more this was the WORST tour company/group I have ever experienced. I felt sorry for the driver. When the guide at the end of the trip thanked everyone for using them and mentioned given them money tip so they can buy beer, everyone laughed. LUXURY air conditioned bus.... dropped us, didn't explan where we were, what street, the nearest tram\train\bus so that we all can get back to our hotels. No form of travel directions. I would really like a refund of my money. I wasted my time and energy for nothing. most of the tourist were upset and they addressed their concerns to the tour guide and he just could not say a word, he looked dumbfounded. I plan to move forward with this complaint. 10
Quisiera hacer especial mención a la profesionalidad y simpatía con la que nos ha atendido Jackelyn B hoy en la oficina de Damrak 26. Personas asi te hacen muy cómoda tu estancia por lo que: Bravo Jackelyn eres la ganadora del premio a la simpatía!!!!. Ah! Por cierto....sus jefes deberían fomentar ese espíritu y quien mejor que Jackelyn para mostrarles como debe hacerse.
12/08/2015Margaret from AustraliaThanks for a great walking tour, Steve, from Lindbergh Tour and Travel. Very informative while still being light and interesting and humorous. It was good to discover little corners that I'd walked close by recently, without realising those little gems were there. The cheese and herring tastes were quite timely, as was the shot of geneva. Well worth the walk. Thankyou, Steve. 0
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